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I’m Fiction Fixer, fixing fiction for you!

Hey there! I’m Fiction Fixer and welcome to my blog, where I review books, movies, and TV shows! I love delving deep into what makes the media we consume so compelling, or maybe what makes them…not-so compelling; it’s part of what I do, after all. The other part is giving constructive criticism when needed, and maybe an occasional roasting here and there.

I’m a huge fan of YA, fantasy (hence the fairies), sci-fi, magic realism, and romance. I love playing mobile games, listening to episodic dramatic podcasts, and hanging out with my calico cat!

If you like what you read…

Book Reviews

I’m an avid reader, especially within the YA genre, and I hope to share my thoughts and opinions with all of you.

Beta Reading

Besides rants and reviews, I offer my beta reading and editing services as well! I’ll give my perspective and critiques about your work, before you send it off for queries.

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Video Book Review: A Song Below Water

Video Transcript (slightly edited to fit the blog format as well) Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I uploaded! Or posted on my blog…or did anything really… I left for a bit because I had wisdom teeth surgery. I’m still recovering and it’s taking forever, so…I’m trying my best. I also left for a […]

WWW Wednesday #15!

Content warning: wisdom teeth removal mention HI EVERYONE! It’s good to be back! I apologize for the 3-week absence! Recovering from that wisdom teeth removal took a while and my headspace wasn’t really at my best when I was in pain for most of that time too. I’ve also been trying to work on projects […]

Top 5 Tuesday: Buzzfeed Unsolved Episodes

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Buzzfeed Unsolved (and Buzzfeed) by any means! I just love Unsolved and the Ghoul Boys a ton. Content warning: dental surgery mention, supernatural creatures, supernatural events, demons, ghosts Since I’m still in the process of reading a couple of books in my ‘current’ reads, I can’t post reviews or WWW […]

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“Write drunk; edit sober”

–Hemingway, probably. Or not. We’re not really sure. This is why we should cite things

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