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I’m Fiction Fixer, fixing fiction for you!

Hey there! I’m Fiction Fixer and welcome to my blog, where I review books, movies, and TV shows! I love delving deep into what makes the media we consume so compelling, or maybe what makes them…not-so compelling; it’s part of what I do, after all. The other part is giving constructive criticism when needed, and maybe an occasional roasting here and there.

I’m a huge fan of YA, fantasy (hence the fairies), sci-fi, magic realism, and romance. I love playing mobile games, listening to episodic dramatic podcasts, and hanging out with my calico cat!

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Book Reviews

I’m an avid reader, especially within the YA genre, and I hope to share my thoughts and opinions with all of you.

Beta Reading

Besides rants and reviews, I offer my beta reading and editing services as well! I’ll give my perspective and critiques about your work, before you send it off for queries.

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WWW Wednesday #19!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! Hopefully I can manage my time better so I can read more books and review them 😭 I got so many good books on my Netgalley and I can’t wait to review them all! Today, I bring you a new edition of WWW Wednesday! What’s […]

ARC Review: Lava Red, Feather Blue

In regards to Anti-Asian racism and violence: I have yet to form a coherent video or blog post to fully get my thoughts out, as Southeast Asian woman, but I will link a carrd below that has resources that tackle Anti-Asian racism and contains links for donations to AAPI organizations and fundraisers. Anti-Asian Violence Resources: […]

WWW Wednesday #18!

Hi everyone! How’re all of you doing? I’m semi-back and reading as much as I can despite my busy workload lol. I’m also trying to sort my thoughts out about what video project I should do next but my brain is just riddled with too many thoughts, so I’ve been delaying it. It switches from […]

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“Write drunk; edit sober”

–Hemingway, probably. Or not. We’re not really sure. This is why we should cite things

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